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Program Overview

Cox Mill Elementary Dual Language Mandarin Immersion

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Since the 2015-2016 school year, Cox Mill Elementary School has been in partnership with Participate (Formerly VIF).  For the 2022-23 school year, Cox Mill will have one class of Kindergarten Dual Language/Immersion, along with classes in First through Fifth Grades.  Our Innaugural classes from the 2015-16 school year will be at the Middle School level in 8th grade.  

The instructional program for students enrolled in the Dual Language Immersion (DL/I) program is based on the NC Curriculum Standards and the Dual Language/Immersion standards, so that students are exposed to the same curriculum as other students in Cabarrus County Schools.  Those who are in the DL/I program will receive that instruction in both Mandarin and English, allowing them to learn a second language while simultaneously learning the kindergarten curriculum.  The Mandarin DL/I program is an 80/20 program, meaning that students are immersed in the target language (Mandarin) for 80% of the instructional day, the other 20% of the day includes instruction in English (English/Language Arts and Encore classes).

From our experience during the past six years, the Dual Language/Immersion program offers the students multiple benefits (language acquisition, cultural competency and lifelong friendships).  According to research, the benefits of language immersion are three-fold: increased cognitive skills, higher achievement in other academic areas and higher standardized test scores (Stewart, 2005).

For further information on the Dual Language Immersion program or the other magnet programs offered through Cabarrus County Schools, please visit the Program Choice Website.  We look forward to sharing the benefits of the Dual Language Immersion program with you.  If you have questions before these dates, please contact one of our administrators, Dalea Beane, Taylor Beard or Danielle Baker.  



Danielle Baker 

Principal, Cox Mill Elementary